Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nine Christmas Engagement Wishes From Her

Christmas is a very special time and when it comes to asking for her hand in marriage your potential bride-to-be may sincerely reflect her heart decision if you can make a few of her Christmas Engagement wishes come true.

These ideas are just a few things that can make a date out into a once in a lifetime event.

Here are just a few points to consider that may elevate that moment and her decision into the heavenlies.

Gentlemen, here are nine things from her perspective that she would like to hear and see when being asked to be married at Christmas time.

1. That he will give a Christmas gift to my parents or/guardians first and inside the gift ask them for permission to marry me.

2. That he will respect my parents wishes to marry me.

3. That he will look me in the eye when he asks for my hand in marriage.

4. That he will wear that handsome Seasonal clothing article or put on that cologne accessory that I gave him.

5. That he will not combine my engagement gift with my Christmas gift.

6. That he will marry me with a choice of officiate such as a priest, minister, reverend, rabbi or whichever officiiate that reflects our combined spiritual belief.

7. That he will not be cheap when planning our wedding but to look at this as our once in a lifetime event.

8. That he will have prepared our Christmas Engagement Scrapbook.

9. That he will promise to remember this moment forever, what I said, what I wore, where we ate, when he asked me, what my answer was, and the kiss I gave him afterward.

Do you have a Christmas Engagement Wish?

What will be your answer if He does at least half of these Christmas wishes?

Don't be too hard on him if h only does a few of these wishes or something similar to them. Love is eternal.

Have a Merry Engaging Christmas 2015

Johnny Gonzales

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