Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Best Christmas Present Engagement Ideas From Him

The Best Christmas Present Engagement Ideas


  1. Create a jewelry Christmas tree for her with engagement announcement 
  2. Gift Wrap engagement rings and put it under the Christmas tree
  3. Have carolers sing for her on your behalf asking for her hand in marriage
  4. Cook intimate Christmas Turkey dinner and for desert put engagement rings next to her favorite cake or pie.
  5. Compose the 12 Days of Christmas asking for hand in marriage as one of the days.
  6. Take her Christmas shopping for a favorite coat she likes and put her engagement ring in one of the pockets, gift wrapped of course with her name on it. Whether she says yes or no buy her the coat.
  7. Go on Facebook and create a special Engagement page, invite all of your friends and coordinate a time where they all are online at the same time as you ask for hand in marriage.
  8. Make her a special Christmas wreath with her engagement ring at the center of it.
  9. Make her a set of homemade Christmas candles surrounding her engagement ring gift.
  10. Have a pair of embroidered lady’s handkerchiefs with her initials asking her to marry you and put her engagement rings underneath.
  11. Give her a personalized bible with her name on it and inside ask for her hand in marriage with her engagement ring inside one of the pages.
  12. Have two turtle doves ornaments decorate her engagement gift.


These are a few ideas for Christmas engagement proclamations and announcements.


Which ones do you like?


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