Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Gothic Hallows Eve Wedding Cocktail Hour - Halloween Weddings

There is love in Halloween.
Not just love for the macabre or the current B-movie gore flick, but love eternal in the shadowy moonlit night of each other’s arms.
I ask you, was it Gomez Addams that swept Morticia out of her deep crypt or was it the dark endless unrest they saw in each other’s eyes that compelled them to entomb their love forever?
Perhaps it is the same question and answer that assures most couples today that choose to cross the nuptial abyss on Hallows Eve.
I believe it is the tell-tale heartbeat love from the harvest moon.
There is no uneasiness of the eerie coincidences that lead to their encounter or any shocking eye opening ghoulish features of each other’s future in-laws.
As like other dark romances portrayed in theatrical presentations such as The Phantom of The Opera, or the nuptial reanimations of Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein, Halloween weddings are true to the warm red blood of this body that enshrines our soul. So during this celebration let us convey wedding cocktail hour music that soothes the savage beast.
Many gothicesque type of music can easily be rendered and performed appropriately and timely by any Wedding Cocktail Hour entertainer.
Will you offer the best apparitions of romantic music at your upcoming Halloween Wedding?
What music do you think Edgar Alan Poe would like to accompany him as he gave the Wedding Cocktail Hour toast?
Johnny Gonzales - The Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist

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