Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Play It Again, Johnny - As Time Goes By In The Wedding Cocktail Hour

What are the most requested songs in the Wedding Cocktail Hour?

Would a modern pop song from todays top Country, Rock or Pop artist or group be the most requested song to be played in the wedding cocktail hour?

Or is there a classic song from another genre, from another time, that would be requested?

It depends on the couple.

Either style could be highly requested, but I also believe its a matter of timing.

When the cake is being cut and fruit drinks are being shared, a light, bouyant uplifting song is usually the best at that time of the wedding celebration. It can be any style by any artist that the wedding couple requests.

If the couple has a special song to be played it should be about a matter of timing.

Sometimes "Friends in Low Places" would probably be best played toward the end of the dance portion of the celebration by your Top 40 Dance band as opposed to during the time of the Wedding Cocktail Hour.

Share your ideas with your entertainer and look at the timing of the wedding celebration and then plan appropriately.

Play it again Johnny...right now...you know the song...As Time Goes By; you just may find the best songs are just a matter of timing.

What is your favorite song and when do you think it should be performed?

Johnny Gonzales - The Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist -


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