Monday, October 5, 2015

An Intimate Wedding Cocktail For Two

An Intimate Wedding Cocktail For Two

Pre-libation parties are "in" and so the pre-celebrations with family and friends could be the perfect reason to escape with your truly beloved before you begin your wedding day activities.

If there is an out of the way cafe restaurant or if weather permitting a garden park nearby then the place for you and your loved one can only be described as bliss.

When after all of the planning and organization, and when the evening before the wedding as "singles" just wore you out, then this quick time away could be the calm before the storm. It is after all only a few moments away and there could be some very deep affectionate thoughts and soul comforting that only confirms to each other that "yes", my love, you are the one.

A wedding cocktail for two could be anything from your shared favorite coffee to a fruity drink. It can even be a favorite food delicacy that is only known to one another. And to top it off, it is just the two of you. Just between a man and woman of each others dreams.

Yes, this is a perfect time to begin your wedding day with a wedding cocktail for two. And, if you need a wedding cameo highlight of lights, music, action! Then definitely have your wedding cocktail hour guitarist tucked away somewhere to play a light serenade just for the two of you.

Do you have a favorite out of the way place that the wedding couple can jot off to before the wedding day festivities begin?

Is it just around the corner from the chapel?

Johnny Gonzales - The Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist

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