Thursday, October 15, 2015

5 Fall Wedding Cocktail Hour Music Ideas Inspired By Edgar Allan Poe

"Hear the mellow wedding bells-

Golden Bells!

What a world of happiness their harmony foretells!

Through the balmy air of night

How they ring out their delight!-

From the molten-golden notes,

And all in tune,

What a liquid ditty floats

To the turtle-dove that listens, while she gloats

On the moon!

Oh, from out the sounding cells,

What a gush of euphony voluminously wells!

How it swells!

How it dwells

Oh the future!- how it tells

Of the rapture that impels

To the swinging and the ringing

Of the bells, bells, bells-

Of the bells, bells, bells, bells,

Bells, bells, bells-

To the rhyming and the chiming of the bells!"

excerpt taken from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Bells"

Once, a long, long time ago there was always a public notice that a wedding was underway and had began its celebration, signaled by the ringing of the bells.

Today's modern Fall wedding couples should take careful note of that; remember this is a once in a lifetime event (OIALE).

Though the placement of their wedding may inhibit say, "the rhyming and chiming of the bells" in the steeple of their church, they can still explore other alternatives to publicly announce that their wedding is underway. This is the first idea from Poe's poem.

During the wedding cocktail hour have your wedding cocktail entertainer incorporate the sound of bells ringing into their music. You may even consider hiring a bell choir or have your wedding cocktail hour entertainer announce the beginning or endings of their songs or just the beginning or just the ending of their musical set with a recording of some bells.

A second idea inspired by Poe is the use of the physical appearance of "golden bells". It is symbiotic to have the stage area that your wedding entertainer is performing placed with bells in or around them. Symbiotic in the sense that they are visually and harmoniously joining in the announcement of the wedding couples joy.

Joy, our third idea. "To the turtle-dove that listens, while she gloats on the moon! Although the turtle-dove is commonly recognized only at Christmas time, here, Poe uses the symbolism of affectionate assurance of the dove as she admiringly looks from her perched moon. We often recall the depiction of two birds in front of the moon close together. A really neat idea could be created, especially in regards to the Harvest moon, by performing a song or two about love and the moon. There are a few older, classic songs that has a catchy melody of love based around or about the moon. There may even be a modern contemporary song with that appeal or feel that can be performed. Affectionate love together gazing into the moon.

Fourthly, "euphony". Alluded by Poe as a sweet swelling of different sounds so pleasing to the ear. That melodious combination of sounds can be absolutely anything your wedding cocktail hour entertainer can create. From the sounds of soft spoken words intermingled with conversational stylistic timbres of music; this effect can be memorable if done correctly.

And finally, that once in a lifetime rapture (OIALR) of the wedding. The big climax of the wedding cocktail hour is the perfect time to unitarially have all the wedding cocktail hour join in a proclamation to the newlyweds. With your Wedding Cocktail Hour entertainer, how about a play along with the attendees either vocally with a song or musically by easy dinnerware percussive instruments or musical party favors. The idea is that everyone is swelling to extreme jubilance. As Poe pens, "How it swells! How it dwells Oh the future!- how it tells Of the rapture that impels".

May the love of the newlyweds live long and grow.

Is there any idea you would like to create into something a little bit different from these ideas?

How many bells are you ready to ring at your next wedding?

Johnny Gonzales - Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist

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