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6 Hair-Razing Music Themes For Your Gothic Wedding Cocktail Hour


It is two minutes to midnight and The Right Reverend Dr. Toowillager has just found out that not only does he have to play the wedding ceremony music, but his “5000 Finger Concerto” that was to be performed by his star virtuoso pupil, Bartholomew Covington, has now been canceled due to hardening of old bubble gum in his braces and he has been rushed to Black Cat In The Hat Emergency.

Is the bride and groom panicking? No, not at all.

They have all the confidence in The Right Reverend Dr. Toowilleger because he is a master of performing the most memorable, heartfelt feelings and celebrations that all brides want . He has the chops to do it himself if need be. But most of all, because he has in his Ipod, his workbook called, “A Thousand And One Hair-Razing Themes for Gothic Weddings.”

But, thank goodness he has the 6 most commonly asked musical themes for the Gothic Wedding Cocktail Hour Reception. And they are the following:

  1. The Candelabra Theme
  2. The Shadows Theme
  3. The Organ Loft Theme
  4. The Whispering Willow Theme
  5. The Atop The Highest Mountain Theme
  6. The Dungeon Theme

The first theme, “The Candelabra Theme” is music for the Gothic Wedding Cocktail Hour that best feels intimate, illuminating, and dedicated. The music carries both bride and groom past the mundane rituals of weddings to their next heaven of life together.

“The Shadows Theme” is a music of enormous sensitivity that alludes, implies, foretells, remembers. It is music that places those special feelings of each other in that special place in the heart. Your cocktail hour guests will remember their own special moments that left or is leaving a lasting appeal of love and tenderness.

Our favorite is the thunderous, proclaiming quality of “The Organ Loft Theme.” Here, as J.S. Bach has written many times about his own compositions and works, are songs solely dedicated unto God. And it is this dedication that some of the worlds best organ music, especially of Gothic sensitiveness, has captured the hearts and imaginations of the world. This music theme should be about the newlywed's dedication unto each other.

The chorusing hallowed fourth music theme is “The Whispering Willow Theme.” Here the nuptial promises are performed as sanctified, they portray the soft yet strong love that both future husband and wife are expressing to one another in this public forum. And it is this theme that flows into any situation whether inclement or bright. These are memorable songs that feels embracing love all around.

The fifth element wedding cocktail hour theme is, “The Atop The Highest Mountain Theme.” This perfect musical performed by your thematic Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist says it all. The assuring groom knows that, “With my love, no mountain is too high to climb.” The iconic bride sees that , “My husband just has to hold my hand, and I can see across the altitude of the heavens and into the deepest fathoms of the sea with no fear, but all confidence.” These musical feelings are songs most altitudinal.

The final musical thematic Hair-Razing Gothic Wedding Cocktail Hour feeling is, “The Dungeon Theme.” Are these songs of captivity? No, these are songs that evokes escape, freedom, liberty, victory. If the bride could say one thing about her groom it would be that, “He brings to me a greater life of independence, strength and spirit.” These musical themes are loud, proud, and all about her liberation into covenant love.” This is her day that she has been waiting for all her life. And his love, is the key.

The Gothic romance, the epic conquering, the momentous campaign marches into a new life together is your Best Gothic Wedding Cocktail Hour Music Themes.

The Gothic forest valleys are leading the brides in assurance and strength past life's peaks of ice and snow.

What is your favorite Gothic Wedding music theme?

Are there romantic medieval themes you would like to see in the Wedding Cocktail Hour?

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