Saturday, January 16, 2016

7 Reasons To Go To January Weddings

Believe it or not venues and wedding services are having weddings in January.  

You may be surprised that January weddings whether in a cool climate or warm climate are being conducted right now.

So, if you are invited to a January wedding you should definitely go to it and let me give you 7 reasons why.

Number one, since it is kind of considered as off-season for some wedding industry related businesses those that are providing their wedding services in January are absolutely presenting their BEST GAME DAY wedding service. They want everyone to see what an incredible job they can do. So you may be totally blown away with the entire wedding service.

Number two, with that being said, you may sample some of the best mind blowing food and drinks of the season. Even if you do not like all of the menu items, one or a few of them may leave you speechless.

Number three; the trends of the New Year may be there. Several notable publications have given their foresight into the wedding trends of the New Year, and you may have the opportunity to see them. Everything from floral to dress, to wedding vows, to honeymoon revelations may be revealed.

Number four, if you wanted a reason to get out off the couch, get away from away TV and spend a weekend out of the house then this is a great reason. Where else can you find intrigue, suspense, drama and ROMANCE. TV will never be able to compete with weddings.

Number five, if you have been in a relationship with someone for a while and in need of wedding inspiration then this could be it. Do not let cool weather or cold feet prevent your relationship from not elevating toward the next level. All it may need is the ambiance of promised love.

Number six, your positive encouragement and loving attending support of the entire wedding will bless you immensely. Giving your positive encouragement and your loving attending support to the Bride and Groom will not only be a special gift for them but you and your entourage will be a part of an historic event. Let the legacy of a family always remember what a great gift you were when you were there at their wedding.

And finally number seven, this is a great excuse to put on a new suit or new dress and start the New Year looking fantastic. This is a great excuse to go shopping for a new suit and tie and shoes or a new dress and shoes. Want to try a new cologne or after-shave or perhaps a hot new perfume then this is the time to do it. Your great looks together with your great attire will make a great event.

I say, if you get a chance to go to a January Wedding then you should do it.

Do you have any other reasons to go to January weddings?

Is there a reason why you do not want to go to a January wedding? Let me know.

Johnny Gonzales
The Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist

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