Thursday, April 7, 2016

Top Led Zeppellin Wedding Songs For Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception And Dance

The magical and the eternal is encapsulated at your next wedding event when you consider having one of these songs from Hammer of The Gods group Led Zeppelin.

Comprised in the air of romance, heartbreak and found romance, foolish eternal love, songs in heaven and in the rain, love that should be and a great amount of love to share; these are your best wedding showstoppers either performed by the bride and groom themselves or their musical entertainers.

14..All My Love


12. In The Light

11. The Rain Song

10. The Wanton Song

9. I'm Gonna Crawl

8. Thank You

7. Fool in the Rain

6. Going to California

5. Kashmir

4. Out On The Tiles

3. Stairway to Heaven

2. What Is And What Should Never Be 

1. Whole Lotta Love 


Both Tucson, Arizona Wedding Officiant Michael Duane Caddell and I hope you consider one of these songs at your upcoming wedding.

Did we miss one of your favorite Zeppelin love romance songs?

Let us know.

Johnny Gonzales The Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist 

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