Sunday, April 10, 2016

Incorporating Your Wedding Promise & Courtship In The Wedding Cocktail Hour Music

-A grooms serenade to his bride
-A brides serenade to her groom
-A poem with musical accompaniment
-A song-dedication
-A pre-husband/wife choreographed courtship remembrance dance

If you think the courtship is over after the wedding ceremony you are mistaken. Courtships in a marriage are forever. And what better way to start than during the Wedding Cocktail Hour.

Love never dies; it gets louder.

After all the wedding ceremony regalia there is nothing wrong with vocally proclaiming again ones love for each other. Hence a musical serenade by the groom to his bride or vice-versa is a fantastic idea. Pick your favorite song, the musical key you feel comfortable with and practice it a couple times and then you are ready to perform it. Remember, love never dies, it gets louder. And why not with a lyrical serenade to each other?

If one person of the happy couple is not comfortable with singing then perhaps a poetic interlude with musical accompaniment, These moments are priceless. They once again carry over from the ceremony ones deepest thoughts on marriage, life, fruitfulness and eternity. Having an accompaniment with you can also ease the discomfort of flying solo. Your choice of live music behind you will fortify you into words aromatically loving and assuring.

Would you like to pick a special song that no one else knew your loved one loves. Perhaps something from their childhood or perhaps that first song you both heard when you first saw one another. These wedding song dedications often reminds the recipient how special there are to them. Its at this moment when you may find both the newlyweds holding hands for the remainder of the night.

A choreographed wedding song! Yes that's right. During the wedding cocktail hour. Not the DJ dance part of the wedding but right as everyone is becoming relaxed and enjoying a few fruity dreamy drinks. Take her hand and look into those lovely eyes and swoon her across the small yet open floor. Step in sync with her every breath as you say not just with words but with physical prowess, “My love, you are the eternal in me!”

The courtship of the newlyweds will never end nor will their proclamations of love for one another through out their daily life together in some form or fashion.

Happiness, fruitfulness and excitement will pave a luxurious life of romance through all facets of life.

The Wedding Cocktail Hour music is the best time to start.

What is your favorite courtship remembrance?

Do you still practice it now that you both are married?

Let us know.

Johnny Gonzales-The Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist

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