Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wedding Flowers Repurposed Through A Company Called 'Repeat Roses'

Brides spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on flowers for their weddings. Unfortunately, those flowers get trashed after the wedding and reception are over. Fortunately, a company has come up with a great solution to repurpose all those flowers, according to NBC Nightly News during its "Inspiring American" segment on Friday, May 6.

A company called Repeat Roses is in business to give all flowers and not just roses a second chance to put smiles on recipients' faces. Repeat Roses was founded by a former event planner who owned a boutique wedding and event design company. Founder and CEO Jennifer Groves asks, "Why throw away beautiful flowers after the party is over?" Groves and her team repurpose leftover flowers and donate them to hospitals, nursing homes and other communities in need.

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