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Saturday, November 21, 2015

A New Melody For Their Fall Wedding Road

Here is a Fall wedding poetic thought for this image:

A New Melody For Their Fall Wedding Road

Coupled, their hands share inner thoughts, Fall wedding seasons of air,

An old rail harmonizes, a new road melody in love and flare.

Passing by the fallen, debris and obtrusive things through life,

His hand trembles not, nor loses his grip; solely, caressed, and cared by his wife.”

How is your Fall Wedding going, will it be a very thankful giving of love?

Would you want to be married, weather permitting, near an iconic railroad?

Share with us your Railroad wedding.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A wedding poem for the Fall.
The Bridal Path Laid Autumnal Golden Leafed

There is a path in Autumn shaded for the bride and groom

Away, cloistered, its scenery impressions

A path of lite golden leaf for two.

Daylights afterthought forests awakened love profound

Aside the light and soul elemental

Embanked affinities abounds.

Like diamonds from the sky he bestows dove lockets en-wreathed

Her bridal path lays Autumnal

Golden leafed.

By: Johnny Gonzales 

Who is your favorite Fall poet?

What is your favorite engagement jewels?

Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Her Autumn Strolls The Woodland Folds

Leaves of brown and greyish mirth,

Pillows and covens her bridal feet

Texas Autumns bathes away

The tidal rushes of Summers' heat

With cool sparse grasses

Shading temperance and slowing pace

Rustling breezes sunlight round

His voice branching; swaying; a loving gaze

Surrounding leaves blush and fall with them

Upon his feet; into her eyes; love in Falls' ascent,

Genteel hands warm their rest enclose

While her Autumn strolls the woodland folds

By: Johnny Gonzales - Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist

Where is your favorite Fall wedding rest?

Is your Fall wedding ready to tie the knot?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Perfect Parties: Warm up your fall wedding reception

Perfect Parties: Warm up your fall wedding reception

When it comes to choosing the perfect month to have your wedding ceremony and reception, there is really no wrong answer, although most college football fans would advise you to steer clear of football season. As long as you have the right venue, décor and menu selection for the season, you will have a perfect wedding.....

Excellent ideas for Fall Weddings.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Endearing Sunlight From Autumnal Brides - Four Wedding Cocktail Hour Music Examples

The Fall bride exhibits more to the heart than the eye.

In this poem the Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist, Wedding Guitarist can vary a colorful palette of music and tones. First, the poem.

Endearing sunlight warms

From the Autumnal brides

Their song a splendor in grace,

Like lush green grasses of time

Each wedding chapel pure,

Invites cushioned clouds in skies of blue

Fall beckons the harvest bride

Unveiling, ripened and true.”

by Johnny Gonzales

Allow me to share some musical thoughts on this Wedding poem.

Endearing sunlight warms...” begins the wedding reception music celebration into a breaking song of new awakenings. The mood is joyous, upbeat and refreshing. Music that can be played should incorporate songs that modulate the key with free and easy rhythms. The feeling here is warm sunlight on our face, soothing and assuring.

And from this it can easily be placed into the next Autumn line, “Their song a splendor in grace,

Like lush green grasses of time .” Keeping the mood light and upbeat, your Wedding Reception entertainer could choose a modern arrangement of a classic song. That classic song must have a similar lyrical quality of full and green, beautiful and eternal lyrical melodic lines capturing the radiance of the Fall bride. A feeling of charming vigor and caressing steadiness is what we want here.

Why, you ask? Well, because in the next line, “Invites cushioned clouds in skies of blue...” can easily select a basket of airy and restful music. Think, renaissance style in a light jazzy setting. Music that evokes an intimate picnic in the park is what we are looking for here. This section of the wedding cocktail hour sets up the final quarter hour with completion type of music.

Fall beckons the harvest bride, unveiling, ripened and true.” These songs are tunes mirroring the feeling of wholeness. Perhaps a feeling of finally being made whole. This Autumnal wedding cocktail hour music should portray the feeling of tenderness and maturity. Songs with these lyrical qualities are your best fit.

Does the Autumn bride see anymore endearing qualities they wish to be musically portrayed?

What is your favorite Autumn wedding cocktail hour reception music?

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Our Fall Wedding Station – Songs of The Autumn Bride


The Autumn bride is a fragrant song,

Who waits in line, flowers a throng.

Our journey paved, some stony some smooth,

Seasons abridged bursts apple red and orange hues;

My true-tone is my dear,

Our Fall station rings wedding love anew.”

By Johnny Gonzales

The song of the Autumn Bride is a bouquet of melodies performed during the Wedding Cocktail Hour.

In each passage of the above poem a visually stimulating group of compositions are within reach and attainable. From classical to jazz to popular to original songs every artist performer can easily exhibit a poetic rendition for the poem cited.

With just a few considerations from this writer, let us find some artistic gems and excavate them in the Wedding Cocktail Hour.

The Autumn bride is a fragrant song” touches a musical theme of sweet love. Here the lyrical musical content can be anything related to the sweet love of the bride. A simply popular song can be used here.

Seasons abridged bursts apple red and orange hues” exhibits the correlation between the life together will be fruitful. A chosen song for this passage should have the ripeness of their love coming into fruition.

Thirdly, “Our Fall station rings wedding love anew” is the song that should perform the joyous announcement that their love is the single announcement the world has been waiting for. Here perhaps a song of love that impacts the world or a song that moves the hearts of the world into that one of a kind blissful romance and eternal love.

Are their any Autumn brides that need a fragrant love song for their Wedding?

Is your Fall wedding bells ringing of new love songs just for you?

Let me know your Fall Wedding Station ideas.

Johnny Gonzales

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Monday, November 2, 2015

A Fall Wedding As Lovely As A Tree- Kilmer's Wedding Cocktail Hour Music Inspiralations


A Fall Wedding, as lovely as poet Joyce Kilmer's “Trees” inspires relations. Hence the word, “inspiralations” can be attributed to the inspirations of beautiful covenant relations found in weddings.

Let us enjoy her beautiful poem.


I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest

Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day

And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear

A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;

Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree.

Joyce Kilmer

Here are a few inspiralations for a musical Fall Wedding Cocktail Hour as lovely as a tree.

A tone of warmth and echo can begin as your Wedding Cocktail Hour entertainer chooses their song. Often slow but swaying steady as each musical passage entreats the next passage. The obvious I would encourage are songs with lyrical themes of Northern forests or high forested mountains. Nothing fast paced or bumpy.

A second musical inspiralation can build the homestead perspective that the nuptial couple will jointly soon begin. Here are numerous songs that can involve a sense of warmth and comfort. A soft circular repetitive piece that always comes back home to the main theme. Nothing brassy or overbearing but instead a main theme of musical rest.

My favorite poetic inspiralation is “Upon whose bosom snow has lain; Who intimately lives with rain.”

This brilliant poetic line truly inspires the intimacy that any Fall wedding celebration should have. Lyrical content and also musical devices can be used if they kindle a sense of falling into her arms of caring and sustenance. Experimental sketches with varied musical instruments and sounds should be representation of the bride.

And it is the Fall beautiful bride that mirrors Kilmer's “Trees.” Extending her arms in the transitory evolution of love is the best musical theme which can top off the Wedding Cocktail Hour. A moderate up tempo piece ending opposite with what began the set; a decrescendo with a tone of warmth and echo.

The age old adage asks, “If a tree fell in the forest, would you hear it.”

The Fall Wedding Cocktail Hour musicale answers emphatically, Yes!.

When she falls for him in the wedding bliss of love.

Did you have a favorite Joyce Kilmer poem for Fall?

What type of musical tone would you like to hear as a tone of warmth and echo?

Johnny Gonzales –

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