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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Pauline Sutcliffe: A Sisters Love For Her Brother

In a time when many want war there is a voice that tore it asunder by the love she had for her brother.

Could any stand closer than a brother or a sister? Yes. Only Jesus Christ.

But there is a certain type of love that transcends Jesus Christs love with what many in Christianity terms from the Hebrew as "Agape" love. A forever kind of love eternally long-suffering and eternally merciful predominantly given to us in the variant forms recorded in the Bible manifested by the atoning complete sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the Cross of Calvary redeeming humanities sins.

So what then do we say about the love of a sister to a brother whose upbringings amasts the sails of each others whisps of dreams and encyclopedic visions where evenings shadows can never quench the light of their love for one another. We say agape.

It is by Pauline's example that we begin here a new chapter for many to hear the voice of agape through a sisters love for her brother continuing towards this type of love in this age which is not antiquated to say the lest among the diehard bonds of "family" love.

For today dysfunctionality defines "family" love and terms it anew to represent agendas opposite of what agape truly represents. In her love for her brother she volumized enough evidence to try John Lennon as the brute lust of force that murdered her brother Stuart Sutcliffe. In her book and interviews one can deny and indeed attempt o shrug the evidence from her perspective but then faces more evidence from others who too have have seen the pattern of said brutality only to be coined as a conspiratists and exaggeration of a disgruntled sister. They are wrong and they are the exaggerators of fakebook post nasal drip inclusivity and diversity.

Her love for her brother ventured off the road of "family" love into a love that warrants the ideology of truth, facts, hardship, past the long and winding road of long-suffering in which no ones claim to being bigger than God can suppress, intimidate and ignore. This is a sisters love for her brother mirroring what many can scarcely dare to call agape.

Pauline Sutcliffe is "The most courageous woman in Rock and Roll history." No one comes close. What then can we prescribe to others who continue to pour out there disbelief, intimidation, suppression and silent blackout blacklistings as the status quo. We say, "Patience, my sister."

Agape unfortunately to the politically derelict correct, means an eternal truth. A sisters love for her brother as Pauline to Stu is the example for patience equals truth. How many can attest to that kind of love; a God Love. Only one, Jesus Christ. I pray that many will hear the love a sister has for a brother like Pauline's love to her brother Stu. Perhaps at a brothers wedding, perhaps if he is going to war, perhaps if he loses his wife or children.

Weddings, war and death only strengthens the love a sister has for her brother. That kind of love shimmers across the sky as a forever love cascading truth in the heavens. Pauline Sutcliffe stood taller than all of us as she endured and persisted in the story of the death of her brother Stu Sutcliffe. Her love is a powerful statement to the rest of us family alike, beloved alike. We are no longer under faded rock star shadows but are of the light of Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Yes the shadows, the dark of this world could never comprehend, could never bribe or blackmail the love of a sister for her brother and we love Pauline for that incredible truth.

The voice of a sisters love for her brother will now be heard eternally to us mere reservists of hope and prayer.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Preparing for Cool Fall Weddings...A Joy Of The Season

Photo by Neal Kharawala on Unsplash

Fall weddings are the most exhilarating season of love celebrations we can experience.

Staying focused in what is considered a transitional time of the year can be trying though. 

We are happy of course for the betrothal's but we may need to boost ourselves with them as the holidays approach and as the aire of many are swept away into the mercantile and static hubris this time of the year announces. 

We want to stay grounded and at peace with everything that Fall love entails. 

When you are part of a Fall wedding celebration we can sometimes get lost in the translation of covenant love and may need just a little realignment in how incredible a testimony it speaks to our lives and future. How do we do this?

Have yourself ready to serve in some informal way within the festivities.

Write that special note to both spouses and remind them how special they are to you.

Make it a point to meet the mother of the groom and let them know what a great role model she has been to her son.

If you know their favorite funny movie scene or roaring friendship song send it to either of the newlyweds mobile phone before everything begins.

Above else gently say to ALL that you meet Fall weddings have a remarkable transforming love. Fall nuptials calms the heart into great love. Fall weddings reassure us great peace is beginning the journey.

We can translate how special Fall transforms restless hearts into the new loves.

Have a joyous time at your next Fall wedding; you are part of that immense new love.