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Sunday, February 10, 2019

The War Scroll From The Dead Sea Scrolls Are Fragments Of The Book Of The Wars Of The Lord In Numbers 21:14

A great wedding celebration is coming.

Greetings Beloved!

I would like to thank you with great sincerity for your prayers! Wow! We can only say how powerful the name of Jesus Christ and His completed work on the Cross is.

I wish to offer you a small snippet from my book.

The War Scroll and The War Of The Messiah Scroll from The Dead Sea Scrolls are actually fragments of the found lost book of antiquity in Numbers 21:14 known for hundreds of years as The Book Of The Wars Of The Lord!

You heard this correctly.

The War Scroll are fragments e.g chapters of The Book Of The Wars Of The Lord in Numbers 21:14.

Everything is about to change.

Prepare yourself prayerfully in the Finished Sacrifice of Cross of Jesus Christ.

The illustrations are coming along great.

There are many other things in my book that is guaranteed to curl your toes.

Prepare yourself beloved!

We are the Bride of Christ.

With immense love to our savior Jesus of Bethlehem.

Johnny Gonzales
Wedding Guitarist
Student of the Word of God!