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Friday, February 19, 2016

Spring Evening Skies Fondle Our Gaze Of Night

Wedding Vows From Across Religions

Wedding vows are one of the most traditional and important aspects of a wedding ceremony. Wedding traditions from different cultures and religions vary greatly. Most religions recognize a formal assertion of marriage, but there is a difference in how verbal the couple themselves are in making the vows. While Western cultures tend to utilize spoken vows between the couple, many other religions rely on ceremonial and symbolic gestures.

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Melissa Losada and Pablo Bofill D’Huart’s Wedding in the Spanish Town of Cadaqués

It all started with a casual first meeting in Paris. M2Malletier handbag designer and co-owner Melissa Losada had just moved from New York to the City of Light when she decided to go to a friend’s party. There she met Pablo Bofill D’Huart, the CEO of his father, famed Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill’s, firm. “Pablo was there for the weekend celebrating his birthday in the city where he was born and raised,” remembers Melissa. “We had a long-distance relationship for a year—with him in Barcelona and I in Paris—but saw each other every single weekend and traveled to different places throughout Europe to spend time together.” After a year, Melissa moved to Barcelona, and they started living together.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Went To The Symphony And A Wedding Broke Out

Who knew there would be an actual Wedding Party at the Eiffel Tower?

, 4 p.m. EST February 17, 2016 reports here:

Charleston’s Wedding Industry Means Local Musicians Have Their Cake, Eat It Too

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Monday, February 15, 2016

The City Of Royal Weddings Beckons To Lovers

Special Contributor
LONDON — Think a romantic trip to Europe is all about the Eiffel Tower and Venetian gondola rides? Not so fast — London, the city of Shakespearean sonnets and royal weddings, earns plenty of love chops on its own. Whether you’re considering a Valentine’s Day long weekend splurge, or a visit during the city’s storied springtime, the fires of love are always burning in The Old Smoke. With romance on our minds, we’ve compiled a list of smokin’ stops to discover (or rediscover) in a city that knows how to spread the love.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Family life: My parents’ Anglo-Indian wedding, The Clapping Song by the Belle Stars, and chocolatey carrot sticks

Snapshot: My parents’ Anglo-Indian wedding

This photograph of my parents’ wedding only came to light after my last surviving aunt (not seen here) died and a cousin was sorting out old albums. My parents – Ida Copland and Hem Gupta, holding hands and wearing button holes – were married in March 1946. They met at work in London hospitals during the war; in classic style, he was a doctor and she was a nurse.
My mother used to say that so many nurses and doctors were on the hospital roofs, supposedly fire watching, she was surprised that London did not burn down!

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What It's Like to Be the Poor Bridesmaid in the Wedding Party

Why don't more people talk about how expensive weddings really are for the friends who attend them?

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dunkin' Donuts Serves A Sweet Start To Valentine's Day Weekend

Dunkin' Donuts offers the chance for one lucky couple to win a $10K wedding present

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Valentine’s Day Big Business: Weddings, Honeymoons, $100 Ceremony

Nowhere on Earth speaks volumes of love on Valentine’s Day like we do thanks to our plethora of wedding chapels. This year, there’s a double bonus of booked betrothals because of Feb 29. Yes, it’s Leap Year, and just as many “I Do’s” are exchanged as on this Sunday between lovers and significant others.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine’s Day: An Ideal Date For Jewish Weddings?

By Edmon J. Rodman

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — In December, around the time my wife and I were celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary, we received an invitation to an outdoor Jewish wedding to be held on Valentine’s Day 2016. Printed on a red postcard affixed with a heart postage stamp, the couple, Lena Silver and Aaron Wolfson, “joyfully” invited us to a “celebration of their love and commitment” in Palos Verdes, California.

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Here Are 7 Signs To Ask Her To Marry You This Valentines 2016

Here Are 7 Signs To Ask Her To Marry You This Valentines 2016

  1. Don't fall into the trap of delaying
  2. Commitment “IS” your middle name
  3. Longevity of life is guaranteed
  4. The rest of your friends “ARE” afraid, but not you
  5. You talk to her every second of the day
  6. You want to be with her everywhere you go
  7. You actually “DO” like her

Oh no! I hope your sitting down upon reading this, but the truth of the matter is, “She's gonna be your wife maaaaan!”
But all grinning aside, if you noticed, I never mentioned the word “love.”

The reason beyond this quaint discourse is sign number 7, “You actually “DO” like her.”
When all the other six signs fall into place you actually have no other place to land; except into her loving arms.

When all the technology in the world beckons us to “friend this” “like that” is not the pertinent question to life the notion of being loved.

And even after all the trending movies, the trending video games, the trending events, the trending game changers, it is all a matter of love; giving love and receiving love.

The innovations of today can more often than not visually stimulate a blockage of the evident.

The evident being you two are basically inseparable.
The evident seeing you two together at many social events.
The evidence that both of you, if you have not met each others parents, are liked to some degree by both families.
The evidence that yes, you confess, you want to be with her forever.
Evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt is the sign for this Valentines that you will get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage. Don't stress too much on the particulars, just do it.

The trend?
Whats trending is love; love eternal beyond this life.
Happy Valentines and Congratulations to the both of you.

What did you think about these signs?
Did one of them speak louder than the others?
Let me know.

Johnny Gonzales – The Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist

5 Heart-Themed Wedding Cakes Just In Time For Valentine's Day

These cakes take the best part of Valentine's Day -- red, pink, hearts and love -- and turn them into a romantic wedding treat fit for any time of year.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wedding Love Forged In The Crucible Of Hearts

Easy Ways To Trim Wedding Costs

Couples planning their weddings realize pretty quickly just how expensive weddings can be. Depending on where couples tie the knot, the costs can stretch into the tens of thousands of dollars, leaving many young men and women to scramble to find ways to trim costs without trimming quality.

Many couples look for ways to cut wedding costs, and couples facing that very dilemma should know that there are several ways to save money but still host the wedding of their dreams.

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