Sunday, November 8, 2015

Endearing Sunlight From Autumnal Brides - Four Wedding Cocktail Hour Music Examples

The Fall bride exhibits more to the heart than the eye.

In this poem the Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist, Wedding Guitarist can vary a colorful palette of music and tones. First, the poem.

Endearing sunlight warms

From the Autumnal brides

Their song a splendor in grace,

Like lush green grasses of time

Each wedding chapel pure,

Invites cushioned clouds in skies of blue

Fall beckons the harvest bride

Unveiling, ripened and true.”

by Johnny Gonzales

Allow me to share some musical thoughts on this Wedding poem.

Endearing sunlight warms...” begins the wedding reception music celebration into a breaking song of new awakenings. The mood is joyous, upbeat and refreshing. Music that can be played should incorporate songs that modulate the key with free and easy rhythms. The feeling here is warm sunlight on our face, soothing and assuring.

And from this it can easily be placed into the next Autumn line, “Their song a splendor in grace,

Like lush green grasses of time .” Keeping the mood light and upbeat, your Wedding Reception entertainer could choose a modern arrangement of a classic song. That classic song must have a similar lyrical quality of full and green, beautiful and eternal lyrical melodic lines capturing the radiance of the Fall bride. A feeling of charming vigor and caressing steadiness is what we want here.

Why, you ask? Well, because in the next line, “Invites cushioned clouds in skies of blue...” can easily select a basket of airy and restful music. Think, renaissance style in a light jazzy setting. Music that evokes an intimate picnic in the park is what we are looking for here. This section of the wedding cocktail hour sets up the final quarter hour with completion type of music.

Fall beckons the harvest bride, unveiling, ripened and true.” These songs are tunes mirroring the feeling of wholeness. Perhaps a feeling of finally being made whole. This Autumnal wedding cocktail hour music should portray the feeling of tenderness and maturity. Songs with these lyrical qualities are your best fit.

Does the Autumn bride see anymore endearing qualities they wish to be musically portrayed?

What is your favorite Autumn wedding cocktail hour reception music?

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