Thursday, November 5, 2015

Our Fall Wedding Station – Songs of The Autumn Bride


The Autumn bride is a fragrant song,

Who waits in line, flowers a throng.

Our journey paved, some stony some smooth,

Seasons abridged bursts apple red and orange hues;

My true-tone is my dear,

Our Fall station rings wedding love anew.”

By Johnny Gonzales

The song of the Autumn Bride is a bouquet of melodies performed during the Wedding Cocktail Hour.

In each passage of the above poem a visually stimulating group of compositions are within reach and attainable. From classical to jazz to popular to original songs every artist performer can easily exhibit a poetic rendition for the poem cited.

With just a few considerations from this writer, let us find some artistic gems and excavate them in the Wedding Cocktail Hour.

The Autumn bride is a fragrant song” touches a musical theme of sweet love. Here the lyrical musical content can be anything related to the sweet love of the bride. A simply popular song can be used here.

Seasons abridged bursts apple red and orange hues” exhibits the correlation between the life together will be fruitful. A chosen song for this passage should have the ripeness of their love coming into fruition.

Thirdly, “Our Fall station rings wedding love anew” is the song that should perform the joyous announcement that their love is the single announcement the world has been waiting for. Here perhaps a song of love that impacts the world or a song that moves the hearts of the world into that one of a kind blissful romance and eternal love.

Are their any Autumn brides that need a fragrant love song for their Wedding?

Is your Fall wedding bells ringing of new love songs just for you?

Let me know your Fall Wedding Station ideas.

Johnny Gonzales

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