Tuesday, June 14, 2016

6 Flag Day Wedding Celebration Ideas

For the Flag is a celebration of liberty in love for country, love for the freedom to love, the love of preserving marriage, the love for self-protection, the love for standing on principle and the love for faith.

Today, Flag Day here in America, remember

Just remember the moments of your love bannered by the cost and courage of our founding fathers.

In relation to wedding. it is a perfect match. Here are some ideas to celebrate Flag Day for your wedding. Perhaps today you are already getting married and I say CONGRATULATIONS! For others, here are my suggestions:

Number 1. The wedding and the love for country could easily be as simple as a donation at the ceremony or afterwards to your favorite U.S. historical foundation or museum. Or it can incorporate the colors of red, white and blue in your wedding.

Number 2. The wedding and the love for the freedom to love speaks of independence. This independence can be chronicled with the couples favorite literature or perhaps a patriotic song lyric. Each of you chose one another. Independent minded yet in union with purpose formed.      

Number 3. The wedding and the preservation of union is your wedding. Our founding fathers brought in union the love of liberty with their declaration of life, love and pursuit of happiness. Your wedding should celebrate that. You are now one mind, one love, one heart, one faith. Bring together different elements to your wedding that when joined together creates a brand new element. From flowers to table cloths and drapery to foods and drinks. Their, your union is symbolized. 

Number 4. The wedding and the love for self-protection gives both of you the covenant to always be there for one another through all of life's struggles and joys. Protecting one another in marriage is related to the protection our flag symbolizes. Express it with your wedding bands, or even a wedding portrait or perhaps a his and her monogram set of self defense items. Anything that reminds you of protection is great 

Number 5. The wedding and the love for standing on principle is synonymous with the Pledge of Allegiance to one another or the wedding vow. Make your vow a vow of rock solid principle, for instance, like "our marriage, under God, indivisible, her liberty and the love of each others justice in all." Just a suggestion, but you know what I mean. Make your principle a special one for the two of you.

Number 6. The wedding and the love for faith is the Wedding. Yes, believe it or not, your wedding is a love of faith in each other. It is the public proclamation of your faith in each other, before God, that is remembered on Flag Day and should be remembered as your faith toward one another. Our faith for our Republic is the same as your faith for her, and her faith for you. Its unshakeable. Its lacking nothing. Its forever.

Your wedding will be forever.
As we remember our Flag Day here in America, keep to heart how your wedding will  be remembered.

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