Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Musical Remembrance For The Brides Wedding Scrapbook

After all of the wedding photos, flowers, napkins, and other personal items are put in your wedding scrapbook, what about the wedding music? Did you want to remember something special about any or all of your music for your wedding day?

When just a photo of your Wedding Guitarist, Pianist, Hillbilly Trio or bagpipe player won’t do, how about a recording of that special song? Today’s digital electronic possibilities can easily make this happen.

Most professional musicians have some kind of access to music recording equipment. To find out if this is possible simply ask your musician if they can record a full version of that special song and have them put it on CD. You can then easily place it into your wedding scrapbook. But, lets customize it some more.

How about adding some personal pictures of the bride and groom with that special song and then have it recorded as a DVD. This idea will always recall that special moment you and your betrothed walked down to the altar. And it still can easily be put into your wedding scrapbook.

If there is a must have in your wedding scrapbook make sure you save a place for that special song and then it will capture your once in a lifetime wedding music event.

Do you have a special way to remember your wedding music in your scrapbook?
Let me know.

- Johnny Gonzales

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