Tuesday, September 22, 2015

His Song, For Her in the Wedding Cocktail Hour

Nothing can replace the moment when the groom first meet his future bride to be.
But during the wedding cocktail hour, that moment can be relived with a song that he has specially chosen for her.
It is his song for his love. Something that has all the elements of her. A love ballad perhaps. Or some exotic musical instrumental that can only be attributed to everything she is.
And it will not only be that song for her, but it will also be a song that will always be for the two them.
If there is a special feeling about her that he wants to say but just cannot find the words this is your moment to express it.
Take her hand once again and create your fathomless love for her with a song from The Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist, Johnny Gonzales.
Johnny Gonzales - www.johnnygonzalesmusic.com

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