Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How Fair Is Thine Eyes - Before The First Piece Of Cake Is Thrown, Throw A New Tradition

How Fair Is Thine Eyes - Before The First Piece Of Cake Is Thrown, Throw A New Tradition

Tradition proclaims that during the wedding cocktail hour many a nuptial couple takes a slice of their wedding cake and then perceives to physically hurl it into their new husband or wife's face. Fascinating.
While I am an eclectic wedding cocktail hour guitarist of neuveau traditions I do see a different slice of shared tradition to give to my future love. If the wedding cake embodies the entirety of their love then its time to give that slice of love a new tradition.
Instead of a piece of cake shoved in my loves face I present this idea to the poetic couple; how about a poem or sonnet or even a short jotting down of ones irrevocable love accompanied ever so lightly by your wedding entertainer? It could be something additional to add outside of the normal wedding ceremony.
Accentuating a quiet proclamation of endearing love with a favorite musical theme of your love would fan the flames of the wedding celebrations. And it would encapsulate yet another wedding scrapbook page for the wedding couple. We could take it to another area of the senses.
Instead of face cake painting I present this to the visual couple, how about a creative short dramatization of each others love found. This visualization could then be created and presented on canvass or sculpture. Or, would a short skit or reenactment done in their favorite musical be appropriate? Absolutely. Perhaps it was at a musical or play or opera or even a club act where the couple meet. And perhaps there were memorable circumstances that moment that lead to the solidification of their future love.

Remember love holds no bounds. The more personal,  the more memorable; it will always be forever and displayed as that unique slice of love that would be truly welcomed in the eyes of thine love other than sugary face icing and wedding figurines.
Conveying how fair is thine loving eyes in a unique public act of romantic worship could be that moment that inspires and uplifts. We are not throwing away tradition, just adoring it with a new perspective from the heart.
Do you have a different special slice of cake you would like to put in front of the eyes of your loved one?
How fair is thine eyes beloved?

Johnny Gonzales - The Wedding Cocktail Hour Guitarist
Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, USA Wedding Guitarist

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