Monday, September 14, 2015

Matching The Musical Decor of The Wedding Cocktail Hour

When you see the flower cup centerpiece on various wedding tables is it the actual color that sets the mood of the wedding?

Perhaps its the arrangement in tangent with other flowers that is suppose to evoke the bliss of love.
Are the aromas sweet enough or are the colors just matching the decor of the bridesmaid shoes?

Can there be too many blends that masks the wrong intentions for crossing nuptial thresholds?

When these questions start blotching the wedding cocktail hour just fill that last puzzle decor with a matching blend of live wedding music.

Let your wedding cocktail hour music stylistically, or poetically match your wedding decor.

The wedding cocktail hour should be a perfect flowerful cup of various melodious petals in a vase augmenting the bride and grooms symphonic love. Match the settings and the decor arrangements together with the right musical entertainer and then you will have the perfect wedding harmony.

There are many variables to use, for example, Roses Are Red; perhaps you can find some songs that have those sentiments. How about an unfrogettable romance that lead to the marriage? Then get some music like Nat King Cole's Unforgettable. Is there a huge honeymoon planned afterwards, then maybe Eddie Money's Two Tickets To Paradise.

When you get the right entertainer with your Wedding Cocktail Hour, then your guests will say, "What a lovely flowerful cup of music the wedding cocktail hour was."

Having trouble deciding which music is right for your wedding?

What are some of your suggestions for the wedding cocktail hour?

Johnny Gonzales Wedding Cocktail Hour Entertaiment -

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